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Oh hey dA changed the thing.
I guess I can make a REAL Bio now.
Hello~ pronounce my name as LEE not LIE, okay? Okay.

I didn't make a Deviantart because I'm a student, I have no idea why that's an actual category. I am currently in school but well it's more or less for educating myself more than anything.

I have no idea what else to put here.....
  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Prof, Layton MM
I'm not doing this on purpose.
I swear I'm not.
It just kind of happened like that.
I am kind of a night owl but I for sure did not mean for this to happen.

But while the trial is downloading I figured I may as well write a journal entry again. Maybe I should make this a weekly thing instead but then I couldn't possibly recall what happened over an entire week. But I do kind of feel bad doing a whole bunch of journal entries of me just killing time by writing journals, plus it'll start piling up more over time.

It just feels that I'm posting more journals than art now, which it does but given the fact I haven't posted a journal in a little over a year and that I have submitted some art in less time than journals I actually don't feel that bad about it now. Thinking logically.

In a way, this is just me trying to get active. 

Sorry about that.

Welp I got home pretty late and am staying up much later.
When I got home lovely packages were waiting for me in the mail. 
Watercolor travel set (Winsor & Newton) and a manga pen nib trial.

I'm super excited about this, they both came in together! (one from ebay and another from Amazon ordered on different days!)
I just have to use them together somehow.

Ughhh this photoshop trial is going to take FOREVER it's only almost 30%!!! And that's been like that for like 20 minutes??? 
I would take a nap but I'm pretty sure I would oversleep and this would be wasted effort... Like why didn't I just do this last night like I was thinking about doing?? Like really... (31%)

So to help I have decided, just now, to keep writing this journal until the download is done. (2:54 AM)
I'll do this innnn 10% increments and time with the percentage to keep track.

Oh man there's a bunch of projects I want to work on, but I SO have to try out the new stuff! 
I mean getting new supplies for me is like getting brand new toys. SHINY SHINY TOYS!!!
And I just can't wait to try it out and everything!
So for the first challenge I think maybe I'll use the new stuff.
(hrmm it says that it's extracting Photoshop CC now, what does that mean...? There's no percentage thing.)

I think I should stop here.

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